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 Planning a SuperGT/DTM HxC Enduro Series

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PostSubject: Planning a SuperGT/DTM HxC Enduro Series   Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:19 am

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So, I've been planning and working on a series of sim racing using SuperGT, DTM and GT1 cars. The races would be held on hardcore tracks such as Camino Viejo Extreme and Nurburgring GP (full) and even Fujimi Kaido (with Limited damage on and an HP handicap in play), and last anywhere from two to four hours. I want there to be fast cars and tight twisting turns that really challenge the driver and showcase the true potentials of the different models.

The cars would be anything listed with a Race type and GT300 or GT500 body, as well as specifically listed Touring Cars such as the TT-R. I'll be working on refining a spec list and available cars progressively before I launch any plans to host such an event, but it is being worked on already.

One thing you'll notice very quickly is despite being R2 class these cars all have large air restrictors and race-grade wide body aerokits.

So far definite cars are:
Honda NSX-R
Hyundai Genesis Coupe+
Nissan Z (both)
Nissan Skyline (R34 & R35's)
Toyota Supra
Subaru Impreza
Lexus SC430 (all three)

Opel Astra V8
Audi TT-R
(TESTING) Audi A4 Touring Car (any)
(TESTING) Mercedes-Benz Touring Car

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe R (race versions only)
Jaguar XKR GT

Lamborghini Diablo GTR
Gumpert Apollo S
BMW Z4 GT3 (GT300)

I want to have it rated by the IFCA once everything is systematically solid and has been tried-and-tested. I am thinking that the host domain for this will be, but we'll see. There will be in-game rewards and credits as prizes/winnings. I already have number plates and other essentials created and saved.[center]
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Planning a SuperGT/DTM HxC Enduro Series
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