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 Pontiac "Iroc" challenge

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PostSubject: Pontiac "Iroc" challenge   Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:13 pm

Introducing the 4 round IROC pontiac challenge. 

02 Pontiac firebird trans am

4 round series, 1st race to take place this tuesday at 9:30, other races to be run on off weeks for the FSCS. 

The schedule: Sunset Speedway, motegi speedway, sedona speedway, fourth race to be determined! 

The rules: impound setup, no changes, all the same! (Unless it turns out bad). Paint it as you wish, not to complicate things. Race with a brain on your shoulders Wink. Cautions, mandatory pit stop half way through race. Rolling start. No damage, any assist you want to run. Build on my storefront. (Had to run spoilers to make it run smoothly, I know its ugly)

Sunset rules: 5 lap qualifying RACE before race to set the grid, 40 laps. Bump drafting is permitted, no going under white line with entire car at all, out of bounds. No intentionally wrecking other drivers.

must have at least 6 drivers, 16 max! 

Comment saying your running of you are, hope to see some of you there!

And did I mention there is a 7.5million credit payout for winning a race? Smile
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Pontiac "Iroc" challenge
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