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PostSubject: RESULTS / ROOM HOST / UPDATES / ADMIN / GENERAL   Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:58 am

Good day racers of the Forza Sports Car Series.  I wanted to give many of you a little status update on the series and my commitment to the series.
1. ME - My commitment to the series is still very strong.  The time that I have to dedicate to the series though has been restricted due to many things in life.  It is for this reason I have tried to employ a little help from within the community.  This help is IMPORTANT because it allows things that I really honestly do not have sufficient time to complete to get done.

2. The website currently IS NOT updated because the programs I used on my last PC do not transfer over to the new Macbook Pro 15 I bought about 3 weeks ago. I was using my previous pc laptop as I had for years to do the work, but that has been sold as of Monday. I am meeting a friend who has the programs I need and will have them installed on my Mac today about 11:30ish my time. Once I do that it will be a few hours and I will have things updated.

3. Room Hosts - It is imperative that room host do 6 simple things.
-----1:  Have the proper room setting
-----2: Make sure racers are at proper PI prior to starting the 1 lap grid order lap
-----3: Get clear pictures of the race results/finish times
-----4: Save the replay
-----5: Send those Race results Pictures to me IMMEDIATELY after the race via E-mail or PM
-----6: Send me the Race Replay IMMEDIATELY after the race via in game gift
When any of those items are not done it slows my whole process down nearly to a halt. If I do not get all room results I cannot do accurate results. Then everything gets held up...race results, points, Balance of Performance adjustments, updating the website...etc. SO if you want things to go smoothly YOU have to take some responsibility to do what is required and requested of you.

4. The forum is a place to talk, friendly banter, discuss race related things respectfully. If you have a question that needs Admin attention then send that admin a PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM). Not a public rant or discussion. I am getting complaints from people who are not even members of the series who say they have not joined because of this current forum behavior. TO be honest it gets me to the point where I got so fed up I stopped reading our own forums. That is not good since I am at the helm of this series.  I know not all racers use the forum as their personal complaint board so this may not apply to you. However, I have informed my current assistant Admins to DELETE IMMEDIATELY any post on the forum that is a direct attack on another racer, any post that attacks the series, defames the series or its admins, any post that poses something that should have been directed to an Admin in a PM, any post that they deem should be more or less a private conversation between two racers.  So if it does not belong it will be deleted. We are losing racers solely behind many of these forum rants that are not appropriate for the forum.  

5. Organization - I want things to run smoothly, I want things to updated quickly, I would like the website to be updated more often and more expeditiously. To do many of these things requires HELP from YOU the racers and room host and assistant admins.  If you want things to improve then improve your behavior. Improve your on track awareness. Improve your set up time so when you need to get a picture you are ready. You want pictures to update???? Then take a few pictures and send them to me via PM or E-mail and if I don't have to edit them much I will put them on the website, on twitter. If I get the replays I can post some live action on our Vine account or twitter. I have no problems doing these things.  I just DO NOT have the dedicated time to do it ALL like I once did. Your help is requested, required, needed.

Be a part of the solution, Be a part of the problem (this will be addressed) or enjoy the racing and be quiet. Simple.

So, I see the same things you see. I KNOW when things are slow to get updated. Often times this is not ME it is those who are made responsible for the data who do not get it to me.  The faster things come to me the faster I can update things.

MISTAKES - I wanted to address this also. I know I have at times 'hurried' up and done things and not taken due diligence to insure their accuracy before posting them up for public consumption. This has caused me to have to do things more than once, do EXTRA things to get things closer to accuracy...basically more time that gets wasted.  So, as I have lived MY life. I like things to be right the first time. Limit errors as much as I can...I will get back to that with this series.  Just remember, if I get garbage in...garbage comes out. Get me clear data, times quickly, results quickly, Admins do what they say in a respectable but quick time frame then most of our little issues go away. I as Primary Admin I apologize for where I have been deficient and not done what needs to be done and not done it right sometimes when I have done it.  No better time to start getting it right then now. I will get my shyt together. Hopefully you will do the same.

There is probably more but I have to meet my tech guy so I can get the programs installed on my Macbook Pro.

Thank you for your time.

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