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 F-Street Racing League

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PostSubject: F-Street Racing League   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:28 pm

The F(Forza)-Street racing league is looking for sign ups and will be open to business. Many have asked Via PM, XBL Message, or simple party chat so here's what I had previously been planning to release but hadn't.

FS cars are cars that you see rolling rolling around the streets but have some type of racing background, technology, or heritage. They are cars that we all can expect to find at a trackday event. They range from RWD, to FWD to AWD, 4 bangers, Straight 6's and the good ol' Murican V8. However, where I come from tracks are small. Im sure we all recognize that the grass roots tracks that we know and love are rather tiny. And its this grass roots feel that I hope to capture in this series. Small tracks, short races, as many cars as you can fit. Door banging, bump drafting, close, hard, competitive racing. And so I give to you the rules and the car list. I also know that many people love more than one car. And I for one like to see more than one drivetrain run. To remedy this, there will be two races on a race day. You must race two different cars with two different drivetrains. You will pick and keep those two for a season. Your points will be the average of those races. Points get rounded down.

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PostSubject: Re: F-Street Racing League   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:34 pm


Note: These rules are taken and modified from the ALMS, Rolex, IMSA, etc. I hold the right to add/subtract/alter the rules at anytime, but only in a mannor to better the racing fairness, compitition, and competativeness.

1.1: Conduct
1.1.1 A racer is to be respectful on and off the track while being a competitor in the NSASES. Name calling, trash talk and other verbal conduct deemed offensive and explicit will be dealt with in a production and forthright mannor. Lets make something clear however, if someone says some things that has your panties in a twist, build a bridge and get over it. This will only apply to serious issues of butthurt.
1.1.2 Purposeful contact is never allowed. I will be watching you while you are sleeping so dont get any ideas. "He hit me first" is never an excuse. If he hit you first than i assure that it will be viewed and handled with the swift and long (explicit) of the law.
1.1.3 Unsportsman like conduct. Dont be a baby. Grow up.
1.1.4 Cheating. Dont cheat. Why would winning matter enough to cheat? Its a videogame. Unless you are cheating to mess with Roscoe's parade. (Thats a joke. No cheating.)

1.2: Responsibility
1.2.1 If you cause an incident than acknowledge it and if possible appologize. Its that kind of sportsman/gentleman conduct that allows the racing to flurrish unblemished with anger.
1.2.2 If your car is at the wrong PI, or if you cheated its your job to own up to it, not to cheat or pass the blame. Its in your better interests.

2.1: Flags
2.1 Since our best friends at turn ten were nice enough to give us absoulutely no flags I'll be sure to explain a few things regarding flags. The only "flags" that will be used are the Green and Yellow
2.2 Green: Green during the first round is when the timer says go. You stomp it and haul donkey down whatever road you are on (hopefuly the right one...). During the second heat after we use 1 lap to get in order and stop on the grid. A time will be given for the green to be dropped.
2.2.1 If a driver jumps the green *there will not be a restart*. If during replay review it is clear that a driver jumped the start sneakily they will face a time penalty of 30 seconds.
2.3 Yellow: These will only be called if there was an incident involving a car flipping or wrecking ot the point where they need to back out of the race to avoid the cpu from jumping and wrecking a car.
2.3.1 Yellows will last approx. 2 laps.
2.3.1 The restart will take place as follows. The GREEN must be called before the line and after the last turn.

3.1: Pits
3.1.1 Pits are not required as these races will be shorter sprint rounds. Pit lane is always open however.
3.1.2 There may be a select number of races that do require pits. These will be announced in the thread of the race. Keep your eyes out and dont come complaining and surprised saying "what i didnt know".

4.1: Qualifications
4.1.1 Qualifications will be completed via a timed 10 minute session prior to the start of the FIRST ROUND. Starting position for the second round is based on finishing positions in the first and will be adressed further below.
4.1.2 Your starting position in the SECOND ROUND of the race day will be determined by your finishing position of the first. The first half of the grid will be inverted.
EXAMPLE: 1st = 8th ; 2nd = 7th ; 3rd = 6th ; 4th = 5th ; 5th = 4th ; 6th = 3rd ; 7th = 2nd ; 8th = 1st ; The cars finishing 9th-16th will remain in those spots.

5.1: Starts
5.1.1 All starts will be from a stand. Both the first and second round.

6.1: Race Proceedure
6.1.1 Length: Each round will consist of a total number of laps that equals 25-30 minutes.
6.1.2 The driver is allowed to choose what order he would like to run his two cars. Each car must run once per raceday to earn points.
6.1.3 Order of events:
1st: 10 minute qualifying session (times is set to 15minutes, cannot start another lap after 10 minutes)
2nd: Standing start will go based on finishing order from the Qually.
3rd: 5 minute break to organize the starting order
4th: 2nd round will begin by having the cars go around once after having their named called in order to set the grid. Standing start on the time given.
Note: If there are more than 16 drivers wishing to participate than we will be altering this procedure to accommodate.
7.1: Points:
7.1.1 Points will be as follows:
3pts for Pole (only for the first round of the raceday)
3pts for fastest lap in the race. Note: It doesnt have to be clean, as there will be parts of track that you are allowed to stretch Forza's limits. Draft wont be counted against a driver either. This will be determined by watching the replay. If you believe you hit a faster lap at some point in the race than please inform race control.
1st = 100pts - 2nd = 97pts - 3rd=94pts - 4th = 92pts - 5th = 90pts - 6th = 88pts - 7th = 86pts - 8th = 85pts - Each position is one point less following this.
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PostSubject: Re: F-Street Racing League   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:35 pm

Car List:

97 NSX (Admin Approval)
01 Acura Integra
02 Acura RSX
10 Acura TSX

09 Alfa Brera Italia
11 Alfa Giulietta

07 TT
11 Sportback
03 RS6
07 S5
10 S4

97 M3
09 BMW 135i
11 1M Coupe

04 Caddy

96 Corvette GS (Admin Approval)
02 Chevy Camaro
10 Colbalt

05 Dodge Neon
09 Challenger SRT8 (Admin Approval)

00 Fiat Coup

ANY Ford Focus
10 Ford Fusion
ANY (Post 1990) Ford Mustang
07 Unicorn Mustang (Admin Approval)

ANY Honda Civic
ANY Integra

ANY Hyundai



94 Miata
07 Miata
97 Rx7

ANY Mitsubishi EVO
98 Mitsubishi FTO
ANY Eclipse

ANY Silvia
94 Fairlady Z
03 Fairlady Z
ANY Post 1990 Skyline

02 Pontiac Trans Am
09 Pontiac Solstice
05 GTO

10 Megane
ANY Clio


ANY (not the race car... nice try)

GT-86 (the Scion FR-s)
02 Mr-S
Any POST 1990 Celica
95 MR2
98 Supra

ANY POST 1990 Golf
ANY POST 1990 Scirocco
03 Borra
11 Polo GTi

10 insignia

Build Rules:

Race Slicks
Roll Cage
No Adjustable Aero (Any bodykits or wings are allowed)

Max HP is 400 except in the case of 2 admin approval cars.

Base PI:

520 for RWD
530 for FWD
550 for AWD

Note: There will be adjustments.
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PostSubject: Re: F-Street Racing League   

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F-Street Racing League
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