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 Best Overtakes/Racing this season!!!

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PostSubject: Best Overtakes/Racing this season!!!   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:28 am

ok to get started i want to get as many of you guys involved and what i want you to do is to make a video of about 30 seconds (because thats all forza 3 will let you do) of one of your best overtakes/racing this season and once i get them all i will make a video of them all and put in to what i think is the best racing and overtakes this season...

How to submit your video:
1.go onto forza and watch the replay to the video you want, find the spot you seen the overtake or so on and make video
2.make sure you upload the video to forza website and log into the forza website using your xbox live details/account
3.go onto your forza and download the video clip you made (try make it 30 seconds if you can please)
4.then either send it to me on windows live messenger (ill put email at bottom of post) or upload to it a file hosting website
5.please say who was involved, what track, what race and make sure it is season 4

then in about a weeks time the video will be up on youtube
YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO (today is monday, so you got till friday to make your video, it wont take you long and it will be something great and easy to make so please all get involved)

any questions please post Smile

Windows Live Messenger Email:
i also have skype just tell me your name or email on there (i forgot how to use it) and i will add you if you need to send me the file
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Best Overtakes/Racing this season!!!
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