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 Radical Race Car Series

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PostSubject: Radical Race Car Series   Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:47 am

DBF2Killer helped me tune the Radical to a pretty manageable car despite it being in R1. Before you freak out because it is an R1 the diffs are pretty low as is the roll bars making it far easier to not go loopy. The tune is on my storefront for free if you would like to test it out.

The idea for the series is a cart/go cart type fun racing that doesn't take too long, and hits some tracks we don't normally run.

Radical (no modifications to the build will be allowed)

-No entry fee
-Use any view you want
-Use any assists you want
-Cosmetic damage (can do limited if that is what majority wants)
-Only use the builds off mine or DBs storefront

-Group 1 - stupid fast get a 5% power and 5% grip front/rear penalty
-Group 2 - fast get a 5% power and 5% front grip penalty
-Group 3 - normal gets a 5% power penalty
-Group 4 - no penalty

-4 laps before each race to put people in groups at that track determined by myself or DB (dirty laps will count)
Warm Up:
-2 laps before race to get use to penalty

Hock Short 25 laps - 28APR
Nurb Short 20 laps - 5MAY
Maple Valley Short 25 laps - 12MAY
Sunset Short 20 laps - 19MAY
Camino Short (Sunset) 30 laps - 26MAY
Ilberian Short 25 laps - 2JUN
Ladera Short 25 laps - 9JUN

Saturdays at 7EST

1st - 10, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, 4th - 7, 5th - 6, 6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th - 3, 9th - 2, 10th - 1, 11th or lower - 0

1st - 5mil
2nd - 2.5 mil
3rd - 1 mil
4th - 900k
5th - 800k
6th - 700k
7th - 600k
8th - 500k
9th - 400k
10th - 300k
11th or lower - 100k

Please post if you would be interested

Current Drivers:
HLR Rokko
Imort4l t3chniq (possibly)
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Radical Race Car Series
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